SHEPHERD’S HERALD: Volume 1, Issue 1 – Apr 2015

Message from our Chairman:

This is the first of what we plan will be a regular newsletter, describing our achievements, honoring our volunteers and updating you on our plans. As I look back on the 2014 I am struck by how much we have accomplished, but I am also aware of how much more there is to do to make a better life for our elderly citizens. In these pages you will see that the number of rides given, the number of clients served and the number of volunteers providing those rides have increased dramatically over the previous year. And these numbers are still on the rise.

We are all proud of these accomplishments, but it has come with a significant increase in the load on our core set of volunteers, our Board of Directors. These hearty folks have taken on new responsibilities, including necessary fund-raising efforts, raising the awareness in our community of our services, recruiting new volunteers, developing new programs to serve our clients and even putting out this newsletter. We hope that as you read these pages you will be motivated to help us in one way or another to expand our horizons to serve the elderly community of McLean, Arlington and Falls Church.

Ed Schrock
Executive Director

Download Full Shepherd’s Herald Newsletter:

Volume 1 Issue 1 – April 2015 Download
In This Issue: First Issue message from Executive Director; Kate Jones Volunteer of the Year; Total Rides and Drivers in 2014; List of 2014 Donors, Board of Directors

What our clients are saying:

“Thanks so much to Robyn and her charming son for helping me over the two-day doctors care for my cataract surgery. I am inspired. I am so appreciative of what the Shepherd’s Center has done for me. It took a long time but I finally won with the hearing aid company. Thank you.”

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